Since every customer has unique needs, DRH Network Consulting offers a variety of service plans. We are available for projects on demand or we can work within a more structured relationship. We can assist you in one of the following ways:

 As-Needed. This is a time and materials service. No Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract is necessary, although having a contract will put you ahead of customers without contracts.

 Professional Services Contract. This typically involves making regularly scheduled visits to your site to handle general system maintenance issues including security patching, backup maintenance, etc.

 Monthly Retainer Contract. For a set fee, we will be available whenever you need us. This fee is for labor only (material costs are additional) and is based on a specific number of hours per month. If there is a need to have additional work done over the retainer contract amount, you will be notified of the additional charge beforehand.

 Maintenance Contact. This is also a set fee, but at a higher level than a retainer, as you won’t incur additional charges for hardware repairs or labor, regardless of the hours we put in. System upgrades and whole system replacements are not covered.

Our goal is to meet or exceed your needs, regardless of your budget limitations, by ensuring that one of our flexible pricing alternatives is comfortable for you.

DRH Network Consulting can help
No matter what your specific needs are-application, software, or hardware consulting; wired or wireless network consulting; Virtual Private Networks (VPNs); server upgrades or migration; e-mail systems; security; fault tolerance and backup systems; ongoing general maintenance; troubleshooting; and more-DRH Network Consulting is up to the challenge. Principal Dennis Hill takes great pride in his ability to create custom-tailored and out-of-the-box solutions that meet each customer's specific needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.



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